UHS Quality
UHS Quality

Our Reporting Principles

  • We do not decide what to make public based on how it makes us look.
  • We give equal prominence to good and bad results.
  • We do not choose which indicators to display.
  • When we have a nationally endorsed list of indicators, we display every indicator on the list.
  • We are not the indicator owner.
  • We do not modify indicator definitions or inclusion/exclusion criteria in any way.We correct our internal data only for objective errors. We do not correct data submitted or billed externally unless we also resubmit or re-bill the data.
  • We display results even when we disagree with the indicator definition.
  • We believe unused data never become valid.
  • We recognize that we must display and make decisions based upon imperfect data, because until the data are used, no resources will be spent making the data valid.