UHS Quality
UHS Quality

Using Technology to Improve Patient Care

Computers and electronics are playing a big role in our ability to improve health outcomes and to deliver consistent, high quality care. Technology moves ahead and so do we in our quest to use evolving technology to improve patient care. We at UHS are implementing a series of new electronic health information systems to improve patient outcomes and workflow.

Electronic medical record
Electronic medical records (EMRs) offer improvements over paper records. Using EMR, each care provider receives the same complete health information for each patient. Thus EMRs improve information management, patient safety, physician decision making, and coordination of care.

PACS stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System. Using this system, diagnostic images are captured digitally and archived. The images are available as soon as they are captured and providers can see them instantly from any location with web access. PACS improves the speed and quality of clinical care by streamlining radiological and cardiac services and consultation. With instant access to images from virtually anywhere, clinicians can improve their work processes, speed up their care delivery, and improve clinical efficiency and patient safety. PACS makes it possible to electronically store, manage, distribute and view images at any time from any clinical location.